Favorite Things and Unseen 2015

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy new year 2016 guys! Sorry for my late greeting, I hope every one of you is doing well since it's just the third day of 2016. I suppose to finish my Japan travel journal before 2015 ended, but obviously, it didn't happen. So don't worry, I'm still working on it. Now let's take a short reflection and sort some favorite things about 2015.

1. Attended our dear friend's wedding in Surabaya. It was my first time to Surabaya and third times for Andreas. We did some fun there, catching up with other friends, and flew back to Bali at night.

2. Took my first project as a wedding planner. Remember this post? This was a very spontaneous thing I ever agreed with. I never handle a wedding before but my Mom the one who convinced me that I can do this. So I took this challenge during the preparation of my own wedding (yes, it's tough, baby). The wedding is coming really soon next month, wish me luck!

3. We did our pre-wedding shoots in Bali and Jakarta. Tired, but happy and fun!

4. Catching up with some good friends in Jakarta. Since I moved, we only had a few times to meet up. The time when I was in Jakarta, we couldn't miss the chance for hangouts!

5. Met my favorite lady again after years. Yes, I met Alanda Kariza! She told me before in socmed account that she would come to Bali for UWRF. But one day in August, she told me that she would come for a writing workshop at the end of the month. I was freaking (yes, I used word freaking hahaha) excited! It has been four years, maybe, since the last time I met her in a workshop too. But the workshop this time was more intimate. We had little talks, of course, I let her sign my purchased of her previous book, "Dream Catcher", and fun facts about us that time, we were bride-to-be! But now we turned to newlyweds since she just got married a month ago. Super fun!

6. Had some fun experiences tasting different cups of coffee and tea at Bali Pulina.

7. Had crazy times with the bridesmaids and best men throughout our wedding week.

 I had this burger and chips two days before the wedding. No regret at all.

8. Our Sangjitan Day.

9. Turned to twenty-four and a married lady. Welcome to marriage life!

10. Our honeymoon to Japan! It's more like a fun trip with a best friend than a honeymoon. But actually, what honeymoon supposed to be like?

11. My parents' silver wedding anniversary night month ago.

The night of new year's eve, I and Andreas spent time together at home. After finished our home cooked dinner, we wrote some notes about 2015. One is about best of 2015, the second one is a thank you note for each other, and the last one, of course, wishes for 2016. As expected, Andreas wrote very short and simple on his three notes. As for me, well I'm also trying to not take so much pressure for this year. I just want to keep continuing to do what we love, and always enjoy the present. As I remembered, I didn't write down any goals or resolutions last year. There's nothing specific I wished for my life but the wedding and our marriage life after it. This year I don't have much to wish for too. Yes, I have things in my bucket list, just fun things to do in 2016. But again, no pressure for it. I just want to be a better person, as a wife and maybe a mom later in this little family.

I also believe that every one of you has new hopes and dreams for this year. The year is waiting for you. Cheers 2016, stay awesome!


  1. Happy new year, Kak Jane! I hope you'll have a great 2016! :D

    1. Happy new year too dear Claudia! I hope you will have a wonderful year too. Sukses terus ya (: