The Greatest Week (Ever)

Saturday, January 30, 2016

1. It has been raining for whole week.
2. I cooked and enjoyed Indomie Goreng Jumbo by myself while re-watching HIMYM season 7. 
3. Asked hubby I wanted to take a day off and he agreed.
4. I owe Go-Food service million times. Thank you for delivering me bubble tea, mie ayam, pangsit kuah, Hokben this week.
5. I got scolded because they feel dissapointed of what I did. Stressed out little bit and the situation has effected my health and went to doctor few days ago. That's okay. Everyone makes mistake. Nobody can be liked by everybody. Shit happens (pardon my French). Instead of blaming and crying over myself, things still can be fixed. Beside, I still have few reasons to be thankful for. 

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