Our Baby's Arrival

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Me 6 days old

Hi beautiful people!

My name is Joshua Emmanuel Yu, you can simply call me Josh. I was born on 20 August 2016, through emergency caesarian (because mama was too tired while pushing me out).

Both mama and I (and papa too!) are getting know each others day by day. I'm currently 11 days old and I drink much!

Since I'm the new member in my family, I guess I will make some appearances in mom's blog too.

Nice to know you all, let's have a great time together!

Josh, Papa, Mama


  1. Congratulations Kak Jane! He's so cute! Hello Josh! Really nice to meet you! :)

  2. congrats jane!! omg kita ga pernah ketemu irl tp aku seneng banget joshua <3
    he looks so much like papa ya :)

    1. Hahahaha kita nggak pernah ketemu tapi kamu telah menjadi bagian 90% yang bilang Josh mirip papanya ((: Btw, thank you so much ya!

  3. congraaats kak Jane & hb, and also dear Josh :) He looks like both of you!! I swear. he must be a good man!

    1. Amen for being a good man! Thank you so much ya, Janice! (:

  4. Congrats, Jane!!! Gue baru aja bales komen lu di blog gue, gue kira elu belum lahiran huahahahaha. Ternyata udaaahh!! Salah dong gue komen menyapa lu dengan kata Bumil! Hahahaha. Ditungguin cerita2 lahiran dan baby Joshnya. Frekuensi nulis jangan berkurang ya walaupun udah jadi mommy. Asek, babynya Leo juga :)


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