Langkah Cinta

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Kamu pernah bilang, ada tiga tahap yang harus dilewati tentang perasaanmu pada diriku. Pertama suka, lalu sayang, kemudian cinta. 

Kamu pernah bilang, rasa suka itu seperti suka dengan cokelat pahit favoritmu. Kamu mungkin masih bisa hidup walau tanpanya.

Kamu pernah bilang, rasa sayang itu seperti setengah hati yang sudah terisi. Kalau kosong kembali, entah bagaimana mencari penggantinya. 

Kamu pernah bilang, rasa cinta itu adalah mencintai semua keburukan yang kumiliki, seberapa pun aku pernah melukaimu, cinta itu tidak pernah melarikan dirinya. 

Kamu bilang, "Mungkinkah aku bisa membenci diriku sendiri?" Ya, karena kamu mencintaiku sama dengan kamu mencintai dirimu sendiri. Kamu cinta aku seluruhnya. Utuh.

Jakarta, Februari 2013

Blogging Matters: Why Do I Blog?

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I was thinking about blogging matters, lately. The first time I got into blog when I was in high school. They said now you can write your online diary through blog. Remember MySpace? Livejournal? I bumped myself into these platforms before I stick to Blogspot until now. Reading others diary is really fun, it's all about your life story, and so much better than I read a novel. Becase it's a true story (unless people fake it, I don't know). And of course, write your personal life story is really fun too. I still remember the first post I shared in my first blog. I wrote about my native English teacher in school. He is British and how he spelled my name was so silly. I was surprise one day after I posted that, my classmate said to me, "Hey, Mr. xxx was in your blog!". Somebody read my blog. Interesting. Then, from that time.. I could not stop to write.

In 2008, still in high school, I found a blog that caught my eye (and apparently my heart too). It is a blog by Alanda Kariza. We are in same age, only she's eight months older than me. I found her before thorugh her first teen novel and I stumbled to her awesome and heart-warming blog. She writes so good. She is a good writer. I onced wrote about her in my old blog and she read it, she did copy-paste that post into her blog, my face blushed and feel so happy at the same time. Long story short, she's the one who makes me blogging seriously.

Speaking of blogging seriously, it means you watch carefully about what you write, what you share. Writing in a blog is really different when you write in your actual diary. When you hit the publish/post button, people around the world wide web are gonna read it. I used to write whatever in my mind, I don't even care my grammatical (because I used to write in Bahasa). I write when I was mad, I write when I was sad. But since I told myself to blog seriously, I always think twice what I am gonna to write.

Now, blogging is like another professional job these days. I heard a lot people are getting famous because they are blogging. A lot of people getting rich and so much good opportunities they will get because they are blogging. "Blogger" becomes a new word in modern dictionary. Blogger back then only knew how to write, but now blogger has another full name. You can name it.. fashion blogger, food blogger, photography blogger, design blogger, etc. I used to want to be one of them, but there would be something wrong. I didn't say blogging as a job  is wrong. If some of you begin to start blogging because you want to be known, you want to be famous, ask yourself once again, "Do I really want this?"

Yesterday, a little thing happened made me happy. I was checking my Twitter timeline and someone that I know (she is the important person behind a local magazine that I really love!) tweeted something that caught my attention. The point is, she was afraid about getting famous, she's afraid about fame. I was curious and feeling so weird. How could be? Everyone wants to be known, everyone wants to be popular, why she was afraid? She gave some reasons then why she was afraid about getting famous and they were pretty reasonable. Suddenly, a voice whispered to me to say something to her. I said:

"If you can publish a book, it's because God's grace. If you are getting famous, it's all about God's grace too. So don't be afraid, just be grateful." 

I don't expect for her reply but then I was so surprised when she replied me and said.. she cried after read my tweet! She also said that she was slapped by my words. I know she is a great person and she really no need to be afraid. At the end, she said thanks and she believes that God speaks to her through me. And.. I ended up with a big smile.

I could say that thing to her because God has spoken to me before. I was really want to get famous because I blog. I was really want to earn some money because I blog. I started to do what famous bloggers do. They said A, I did A. They said B, I did B... even I know I don't really want to do it. I became so fake. This is not I want. I want to blog freely, I want to blog whatever I want to write. Because when you try to find attention from the world, you would do silly even dumb things. God reminds me about the first time I started blogging.

Yes, it's all about my passion. I love to write.

I started to think if someday I will be famous, I am not that ready to face it. Lots of people starts to judge you by your writings and there would be so many negative things I would have. God knows more about that! I am not a professional, but I just want to tell you. If you starting to blog seriously, do it because you really love it. Do it because you have something to tell. Do it passionately. Don't even care about fame, money or anything. Just do it with pure motives. Just do it because you know this makes you alive.

I have a big heart for writing. I just let myself write everything that I need to say. If my writings are inspiring, I am thankful. If people starts to know me from this blog, I am so thankful. If I get some great opportunities someday because of this blog, I am grateful and it's all about God's grace.

Welcome to my blog!

What I Have Learned

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Last week has been a rough week for me. My mom was flying back to Jakarta for 11 days, my brother was completely busy with students day at campus, day to night. And me.. spending my days work at home, totally alone. It hasn't that bad between first to third days, until I got PMS- which is I called the most terrible problem for every woman and I still can't handle it, then problems came. 

I cannot tell you what the problems are, but seriously they made me crazy for whole week! I could not find anybody to share. You know the feeling when you have a problem, everybody (even your closest friend) seems won't understand you. I just could not find a right person to share. Until Mom came home, (okay.. I don't know how to say it right) I let myself to mencurahkan semua isi hati. And then surprisingly, God have an answer to for me. Suddenly, I feel good. Really good. God said this,

 original picture: here

Sometimes we want to skip a lesson of our life, especially when we struggle on a problem. Or maybe we take the 'short-cut', we run away. Yes you can run, but I can one hundred percent guarantee, you cannot hide. Remember when we take an monthly exam in school? To make sure you are getting through all lessons in whole semester, you have to pass the test. When you pass, you are allowed to the next level. When you fail, you will have a remedial. Same thing in our life. The only thing we have to do is to learn every lesson that happens in our life. When we learned, we pass, then we turn to the next leaf.

The only matters is all about yourself. Are you willing to learn every lesson in your life? Let them teach how you to live this life. Good luck (:


Anyway, I have a very very very great news, but I can't share it here for now. If it's about a great news, I always can't hold myself to share in my blog. I promise I will tell it when the right time is coming. Are you curious? I bet you are! 

Tomorrow is a Monday again, make you sure you have a wonderful Sunday night. See you in next post and stay awesome!


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Yes! Can you believe that?
I met this nine gorgeous girls in my dream, last night, practically.

Okay.. please don't say I sound pathetic. The truth is, I didn't attend the concert, which is RIGHT NOW, in Jakarta. My best friend is on the place and just report some pictures to me and guess what..

I am so thrilling!

Watch Girls' Generation concert is one my dream this year. I have been dreaming of this for two years and still not have a chance. I remember once I prayed, the girls are gonna held a solo concert in Indonesia, and then they made it. I knew about the concert two month ago, at the end of July. It's kinda late, too late maybe. When I searched for the tickets, the best spot are SOLD OUT, just in few days! I don't wanna spend my money for the lowest price, because I had a promise to myself if someday I could join a concert, it's gonna be my first official SNSD concert, and I want to make it perfect. But, the problem is.. that time I just started my job, and I don't have too much money for pay. I was thinking maybe this is just not the right time, but once again, I hate to give up on my dream ):

I am so sad, truthfully. I was trying to be happy for anyone who are attending the concert right now. And I realized I am just being so childish today. I was babbling with my boyfriend about this and all can he said was, "maybe next time, you will get the chance." *meh so cliche :P*

Well, maybe for me it's just all about priority. My number one priority for now is all about my job.
I just started my job and is also not possible asking my parents for money. Money is just another problem I should solve for the sake of growing-up-part.

So, I guess.. I will see you next time, pretty girls. I will say, not me being unlucky for not attending your concert, it just you guys not so lucky to meet me (tehee~). For anybody who are watching right now, please have some fun! It's our dream comes true, make the girls coming to our country holding a concert. Take care girls, and boys. And sorry about this post, I just have to let it out, and blog is the best and right place. Never mind me, just stay awesome!

PS: this is me, wearing my Girls' Generation official goodies. Me ready for the concert too! (well.. look like a miss-ambassador-something-for-them).

5 Pictures of Tuesday 03

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

 (1) My packages from China finally arrived yesterday! I have opened the first box yesterday and this morning I was busy with this one. It contains LOTS of books and it was SOO heavy. I was keep sweating when I unloaded this thing haha but I am so excited because I ended up sitting and looking for some memories when I was in college (LOL). But anyway, welcome home my stuffs!

(2) This little adorable one was founded in the box! I almost forgot about this slippers, it was given my dear ex-roomie (her name is Tika) and she said I have to wear this in new home. I am so really happy wearing this all day in the house. So yeah, hello kitty kitty! Welcome home, you! 

 (3) I will give this picture a caption like "home without Mom". Mom went to Jakarta for several days and I cooked everyday meals something like this: frozen foods (chicken sticks!) and 'surprisingly-tastes-good' veggies sautes! Come home soon, Mom (':

(4) I got this packet today and it was from Tika. So apparently I left one of my dress in my old dorm lol. When she went home she also took this with her and sent me back. Thanks dear! 

 (5) Notice something different with my bookcase?
I brought some books to China in my first year and I also bought some again when was there. My bookcase is so pretty and colorful with the books. Well yeah, they are all my babies


Last week went pretty fast! Now I am bringing back again pictures for today. I have done three series about "5 Pictures of Tuesday", all pictures were taken at my home. I guess I need to go out to share more pictures from the outside. This island is too beautiful and I will regret if I don't share the pictures with you all. I hope you guys not getting bored, if you are, it is okay too because I love doing this post ((:

So, good evening and stay awesome! 

Morning Routine | How I Usually Start My Day

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Routine sounds kinda boring, because routine belongs to 'normal' people. To be honest, I am a morning person. Now, why morning routine sounds like kinda important?

We should know that routine trains us to be more discipline and built our personality- like what Jeff Goins said, "because routines are all about you and your personality". So let's say, we can see people personality by look how they begin their morning day.

Another thing, morning day also helps us to be more focus of our task and get along through the day, and also helps you to have a good mood to start the day. 

Morning routine is not an obligation, it's only something you may try to begin. If you know something brings you a positive thing, it's okay to try, right? Like my Mom, I never saw her eats oatmeal in the morning before, but now since she said it's good to her body, she just gives it a try.

Everyone's morning routine is different. You can make it by your own, don't copy people's. Because everyone's habits are different too. So let this twenty-something little woman share how her morning routine looks like:

1. Wake up. Usually around 7 to 8. Whenever I heard the rooster crows :P

2. Drink lot of mineral water. This is important to me and every member of my family do this, we have our glasses or tumbler in our room.

3. Take a shower. I shower like a cowboy in the morning.

4. Daily Bread. Or it said morning meditation. I follow my role model,
"Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where He prayed." -Mark 1:35
This is the most important thing I do in the morning, and this is also a reason why we should have our meditation in the morning. You know why now, right? (: 
5. Write journal. Sometimes you never know if you get a nice dream to tell you some nice ideas. Before I just let them go away, I write in my journal.
6. Make breakfast. Usually I make by myself, but sometimes Mom helps us too. I am having breakfast like a queen. I never felt guilty whenever I eat breakfast. I always try avoid eat carbo (rice, noodles) in the morning. My breakfast favorite menus: toasts, eggs (sunny side up, omelet, anything eggs!), cereals and milk, toasts and nuttela. And oh, breakfast is another important task on my morning!
7. Check in Social Media. This one usually during breakfast. I check Instagram and Twitter, most all the time. And Pinterest, gotta check my moodboard.
8. Clean the house. We don't have housemaid, only me and Mom have this duty. Mom handles first floor and second floor belongs to me.
9. Make coffee, then work. I don't make coffee at breakfast, I always make coffee when I start to work, so like Mom. Oh, I work at home anyway. 

I do my writing activity always at the night, but sometimes in the middle of work hour too (ex: blogging :P).  

No one's morning routines are perfect. I have do better too day by day. If you fail your routine, don't give yourself pressure because it makes even worst. If I woke up late, I fix my sleep at night. I skip my morning workouts, but I keep doing it regularly not in the morning. By doing it every day, you will find yourself being well-organized person and have a good personality. And, morning routine helps you have a better day today, tomorrow and so on.

You may check out this awesome website:, contains of different people share their different morning routine. So inspirational!

Mind to share how yours? Just leave it out in the comment box below and let me know.
Good luck for you and stay awesome! 

My Writing Essentials

Friday, September 6, 2013

Hello people!

I rarely talk about my writing habits or anything my writing life related. So today I am gonna share with you my three essentials when I do my writing job and these all based on my very personal experiences. Let's take a look!

1. Every writer loves coffee. I don't ever doubt that. Few days ago, I finally realized is not coffee that I really need while writing, I am back to the basic mineral water instead. We all know the only healthy drink is mineral water, there's no other. Amazing fact about mineral water: it re-boost your energy and also helps you to stay hydrated. Because activity like writing, it seems like you only sit for few hours and keep your fingers busy. The truth is sitting for a one hour will make you feel tired as same as while you are standing do nothing for one hour. However, when I am writing I easily feel thirsty so I keep a glass of water by my side and refill it whenever it's empty. Coffee maybe makes me awake, sometimes. But it would be better if you take a nap when you tired, not too longer, 30 minutes is enough. After that, you will be refreshed and ready to write again.

Remember, your health is always number one. So, mineral water is my very first essential when I am writing.

Remember this glass? With the Hello Kitty cover on it. I always keep this glass around me whenever I write. And the Hello Kitty makes me happy.. *eep* 
2. The place when you write probably the other important thing to notice. Usually I write on my desk--which is in my room (watch how it looks like on my room tour vlog). Now, I love to work in the dining room and also love writing in living room. One thing I like writing in the living room because I can watch TV. Sometimes when I watch random thing on TV I'll get inspirations. Do you know, I got idea for writing this post when actually I watched Big Bang Theory while a go. Strange I know, but I am thankful, I made a post on Friday noon! 

Where are you usually write? In a coffee shop? In your Mom's bedroom? Maybe at the beach? Just make sure you feel comfortable and let the ideas come out!

3. Do you usually work while your social media accounts are in active mode? Well, I tell you now, TURN IT OFF. Not like TV, social media and internet are the worst distractions for me. You said, "Oh, I need internet for help me get some inspirations." Trust me I usually say that to make excuse before. But today I want to tell you and also myself, start writing without the internet.. or social media. You get enough inspirations and all you have to do now is just write. I am writing this without my internet connection on (I always make another draft on Words before I copy-paste it to Blogger).

So, whatever your distractions are, just cut it off and happy writing.

Any of you guys share about your writing or blogging essentials? Leave them on my comment box below, I would like to know. Happy Friday and stay awesome!

5 Pictures of Tuesday 02

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

(1) Guess what I and Mom made for lunch? *drooling*
Oh anyway, don't they like a dinosaur's eggs? LOOL 

(2) My kind of morning breakfast. Actually the sandwiches doesn't belong to me, I finished mine and my brother left this little piece and I have to finish it :P And my favorite (healthy) drink, Ovaltine! I still like the taste when I usually drink in Guangzhou, this one is too chocolate, but still good! I start to reduce my caffeine and choose to drink this kind of milk instead. It gives me more energy to work and Mama said it will give me more calcium (I am young, I am a girl, I need more calcium *noted*). I didn't say I give up for coffee (how can??), but I try not to drink it everyday. 
PS: I lost my 1kg after I cut my coffee in a week. Is that awesome??

 (3) I love The Perks of Being Wallflower. Not because Logan, even Emma, but I do really love the story. It's even beautiful if you read the book. Stephen Chbosky is a great writer, this one is his first book. And I am glad he wrote the screenplay for the movie. I just finished read it via eBook, if you want to read you can find it on Google. And oh, the picture above is one of my favorite word from Charlie. 

And tonight I am gonna sleep with Mom. 
The only thing I need when I woke up from my bad dream is listening to music. So I grab my phone, plug my earphone, and try to erase that bad dream. Don't ask me about the dream, because it's very bad ): and also my brother said I watch too much movies..

 (5) A little reminder (: 
We simply love each other because we know He loved us first. This is the most easy love math I ever believe in

I am starting to love this section. Because whenever I remember today is Tuesday, I am gonna take some pictures that tell story so I can share with you all. It has been a week since the last post, I guess I have to write more instead of sharing pictures, because that makes me feel like cheating LOL.

Anyway, September is coming already and good luck for everybody who starts a new semester in school or college. For anybody who feels sad about getting back to school, please don't. I can feel you my friend, just enjoy it and you are gonna learn lots of new things! Let the fire burn and stay awesomeee!